Jun 1, 2011

I need your help!

Yes, that's right, I need your help...

Few days ago I bought a new dress on internet and I love it. It should arrive this week or the next one but the problem is that I have no shoes to wear with my new dress.

I went shopping but I didn't find anything that fits, could you give me an idea?

I really don't like the shoes that the model wears on the pic, not my style.

Flats, sandals or heels? Well, I want somthing comfy but elegant and chic at the same time, so maybe heels are better.
What do you think about this ones? Do they fit?


  1. Love the last shoes

  2. I also like the last pair...personally I think i'd wear some wedges with it :) I'm also loving flat strappy sandals this summer too, though

  3. It depends what look you want to go for, nude or brown shades would look elegant or a different shade of pink would be more girly :)

  4. I like the fourth and the fifth examples that you chose. I would say a very fancy sandal might work with such a beautiful dress. And flats might also work, although I feel like they would give your ensemble a more casual vibe:) Goog luck and happy shoe hunting! xx

  5. That dress would look good with nude-colored pumps :)

    If you follow my blog and comment saying you did, I'll follow yours back. xoxo

  6. i LIKE THE BRIGHT SATIN RED/PINK HUE. i CAN'T TELL IF THEY ARE RED OR PINK BUT THEY WORK. I also like the last pair. Go for comfort too. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  7. I would go with hot pink or nude shoes, depending on what style you like to go for :)) Good luck!

    xx I follow!

  8. i would wear nude shoes and maybe a colour clutch!

  9. the 1st one or the 4th ;)


  10. the last ones are really nice and the block brown ones in the middle for heels.
    maybe to look more casual wear some white gladiator sandals or small heeled shoes :) they always look chic and elegant.